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[INACTIVE][VIDEO] Pokemon Storm Silver Orderlocke Challenge

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Extravanganza Accordian Demo


Hello, and welcome to my Storm Silver Orderlocke Challenge video series! My name is Brady and in these chronicles we will be exploring the region Johto in a neat, orderly fashion. If you're unfamiliar with an Orderlocke challenge, it is an extra set of rules added onto the regular nuzlocke ruleset created by Eryn. Here's a link to her own Orderlocke Challenge.
1) Only the first Pokemon encountered in each new area may be caught.
1a) Dupes Clause is active.
2a) Shiny Clause is active.
3a) Gift pokemon, such as eggs, fossils and in-game trades, count as the encounter for the area they are given. If I receive in egg in Goldenrod City, it's considered Goldenrod City's encounter.
3b) All legendaries must be SLAIN (aka to the best of my ability, fainted). Even if my first encounter in Route 46 is a Arceus, I have to try to faint it.

2) If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed permanently.

3) The order of the party cannot be changed. Pokemon have to be listed by their capture.

4) If the party is full, and a seventh Pokemon is caught, the Pokemon in slot 1 must be placed in a retirement box for the duration of the run.
4a) After this, all party Pokemon move up one slot, 2nd pokemon becoming the 1st, 3rd becoming 2nd, etc, and the newly caught pokemon is placed in slot 6.
Here's the first part:


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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :DDD

I've already said plenty in the YouTube comments, so I'll refrain from making a long thing here, but to those reading: this man does good work and you should definitely watch his videos, especially if you like mine. :3 Yaaaay more Orderlockes~


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