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    ♠️ (♠️) Speedy Spades: The Spade Suitset Event: sign-ups until Feb 23rd!

    Ooo, I've never beat a pokemon game that fast before, but I'd like to give speedrunning Soul Silver a try. But I have a question about the legendary beasts, what's the rules around catching them? If they're your first encounter on a route, can you keep encountering them to catch them after...
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    Comic Kalos General Mon Lakour's X Nuzlocke

    What beautiful poses and detail! Just be careful not to blow through this comic's entire budget or Xernes will show up as a stick figure. Still, from what I've seen, most people who read nuzlocke comics are at least vaguely familiar with the plot of the games they're based on. So if you feel...
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    Comment by 'ACottontail' in media 'Page 69 - Bark! (The search is on!)'

    Author's notes: *Finally a real Okochan page. Looking back, I've done my boy Okochan dirty by giving him the least screentime. This mostly came from me not knowing how to write Okochan, so he just subconsciously began to write him less. But here he is! Okochan's big character focus page...
  4. Page 69 - Bark! (The search is on!)

    Page 69 - Bark! (The search is on!)

    Bark bark! (Finally, the search!)
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    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    And after some procrastination, here is the next full page!
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    Comment by 'ACottontail' in media 'Lucian and Shauntal's apparent lovechild'

    That shirt is the most a design of all time.
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    Comic Sinnoh Teen Spectacular Shining Pearl Nuzlocke Challenge

    Please Jirachi, pkmnMasterWheeler already has at least 3 other comics, think of the strain your very long and dramatic scene would cause! Still the Jirachi and Wheeler switching bodies is interesting. I wonder if it's temporary, or if Jirachi's going to end up beating the champion first before...
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    Comic Alola Teen Gijinka Bittersweet Hymnal : Pokemon Ultra Moon Giijinkalocke

    I love your designs. The little sister's hat, and the mom's hair is amazing! I also love the cover. It's all blue, and beautiful, mysterious and really has the spirit of the comic's name. Good luck on making your first comic!
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    Comic Galar General Mature Other Adventure A Knight's Gale: A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    Welcome back! You did a good job adding impact onto these moves. Scratch is usually looked down on for being weak, but the way you drew it, it really shows why it's an attack.
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    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    And now for a pudding sponsored travel montage.
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    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, you get nominated last minute and your name is misspelled. Now if you excuse me I've got to misspell your username on my ballet for the joke. I wish I could remember what nuzlocke comics I read this year for nominations.
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    So about "Lucky Lucians Vacation" and Pokemon Clover

    I feel like pokemon clover should be restricted in what you are allowed to show, but not outright banned. There are a lot of offensive things the npcs say in that game, and banning those kind of screenshots and written text would have nothing of value lost to runs. However, looking past how...
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    Comic Kalos General Mon Lakour's X Nuzlocke

    If logic doesn't matter in this world, then can't serena fly after Lakour on her Meowstic using her tails like a helicopter? Or better yet, with her own ponytail?
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     Extravaganza 2022 — Promotions

    Oh boy, I'm super tired and doing this last minute, let's go! (just realizing I haven't read many nuzlockes this year...) Kanto black nuzlocke by @jieh_draws A really cool and underrated run through kanto but all the pokemon are replaced with Unova pokemon. Everything feels new but familiar...
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    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    And now for the next part of the page
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    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 28 up 2/4/23)

    Aaaa, the poor baby Spearow staying so strong despite everything. You'll go far little bird! Comet's talk with Bravewhisker, was rough. When Comet kept trying to revive Bravewhisker, I was thinking a mix of "He has a DNR, why are you trying to save him" and "Why did you give the starter a DNR...
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    Comic Galar Teen Mon Questionable Influence - Sword Nuzlocke comic

    Happy new years everyone! Since I am a master at forgetting anniversaries, I'm just going to celebrate on the new years to make is easier to remember. Let's see, I've been working on Questionable Influence for let's see *checks start date* TWO YEARS?!?!! It still feels like 1, maybe 1 and a...
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    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. They have fun by breaking every one of the forum's rules to the point festival plaza turns into spam, and not the amusing kind. I wish I could get my cat to sit on my lap.
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    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    I don't want pokemon to have full voice acting. Voice acting is all good and fun in games until the voice acting is in a language you don't speak. Then it just gets distracting as you hear gibberish as you try to read the text, and woe if you have to hear a long sentence in a language you...