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Search results

  1. abbasnail

    Screenshot Sinnoh Plokémon: a Blaseball-themed Nuzlocke Tournament

    So bad news gang, I struggled to take screenshots because I have to use a second application to capture only the top screen. And then Imgur scrambled the order of all my images for this season when I dumped them in so in terms of screenshots things are Not Great but! you're just here to see what...
  2. abbasnail

    Comic Unova Hack Mon As in a Mirror, Dimly: a Blaze Black 2 Nuzlocke Comic

    Hi! New name, new pfp, but i'm still nyancheetos. And it's been a hot second. But I love AIAMD very much and I still want to keep working on it, so I took the time over the Thanksgiving break to finish the page I started over a year ago. Who knows when the next page will come, but I hope it's...
  3. abbasnail

    Screenshot Sinnoh Plokémon: a Blaseball-themed Nuzlocke Tournament

    WELCOME TO PLOKÉMON! howdy howdy everyone, abbasnail here! you might remember me here on the forums as Nyancheetos, i did nuzlocke comics and screenshot runs i never finished. i'm back for another one! i've wanted to combine Blaseball and Nuzlocking, two of my favorite things, to make a...
  4. abbasnail

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    I know this cleffa about to cause some major issues but honestly I crave how carefree they are, just a star-shaped piece of bubblegum hitting things with sticks and pressing shiny things...ideal...
  5. abbasnail

    Showcase Art Comic Original Teen Genesis: A Gijinka Story

    These backgrounds are gorgeous!!! Go buddy, find your sister!
  6. abbasnail

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    cursed thought of Orion simply karate chopping Roark's leg in an attempt to initiate a gym battle
  7. abbasnail

    Showcase Art Comic Original Teen Genesis: A Gijinka Story

    wow wow wow that water is GORGEOUS!!!! very nicely done!!! oh M2 you poor traumatized kid,, is anywhere safe??
  8. abbasnail

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    yay, I caught up again, and wow, so much has happened! I still absolutely adore all the characters you have going right now, between Autumn and all the pokemon, and Barry and Lucas AND ALSO hoopa and palkia and all them. you do a good job of balancing them! also, orion? absolute cutie. just a...
  9. abbasnail

    Showcase Art Comic Original Teen Genesis: A Gijinka Story

    it just makes me so happy to see the three purples together at last!! finally caught up again :)
  10. abbasnail

    Screenshot Written Log Teen [UCL 3] HOLD SPACE TO FLY - A Flying Monotype

    needed some erk content in my life so i read through all of this, god bless you content king
  11. abbasnail

    Screenshot Unova Mixed Media Cheetos' "Never Have I Ever" Locke!

    Volt White Edition! Welcome welcome, my friends! Without the energy to keep my comic going for the time being, and with Mirror World sort of paused for...well, I don't know how long (here's to hoping everyone is okay and we start back up again soon!), I bring a project to keep my brain busy in...
  12. abbasnail

    Collaborative Apps Open Beach Episode Collab

    count me in, i'll get something going for this!
  13. abbasnail

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Defect- 'Tis a Gift to be Free

    oh wait im actually following through on the art update? yeah i guess i am. i wasnt joking when i said i have only been drawing deezy. normally i'd try and vary it up a bit more, but it makes me feel good, and with my health as it is, im taking whatever bits of good i can get. and since some of...
  14. abbasnail

    Written Story [MW2] The Echo - of a Distant Tide

    nothing like a good ol hug n squeeze from a cute cat boy to prep you for a descent into hell B) also, cave house. i don't know why i find that so funny, but...there's a cave house. literally just put a house in a cave, not even a nice house or a nice cave!
  15. abbasnail

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Defect- 'Tis a Gift to be Free

    haha words amirite ive got nothing interesting to say beforehand other than there's only one drawing and it's old but i dont have it in me to redraw it oh and warning for cybernetic humanoid self harm Stomach turning, Deezy tried to cover the socket, or shove his eye back in, or...
  16. abbasnail

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Witch - Inheritance

    yuura baby girl child wow 👀 cant believe i havent commented here yet. i have now and i need to say give. yuura. more. nuggies. an update of only art is extremely valid, i eat up any and all of your mw content cause i love it so much
  17. abbasnail

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Mundane | Back Against the Wall

    aw Phoenix, you're learning! love that Nightmare has gone from the Worst Thing Phoenix Has Ever Seen to The Only Nice and Reliable Thing Currently in this Universe, what a treasure. really really enjoyed this update!!! your writing style is so fun to follow :) good luck with all your other...
  18. abbasnail

    Written Story Screenshot Teen [MW2] the Delinquent - Sing the Rage

    hmbmbhlhlnb i loved reading this with all my heart!!!! thank u for content ice forcing timo through the cave, huh? that's cold of you to do what a mood...go to an optometrist bro. not that you could probably afford to, but, you know. seeing is kind of important
  19. abbasnail

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka fault line // x version gijinka wonderlocke

    awe, everyone is buds!! that makes me so happy! i have been very excited ever since I saw a certain marill's art (sorry i cant remember her name) and have been eagerly awaiting her place in a certain story...excited for the next updates!! :)
  20. abbasnail

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    autumn still does not look all that thrilled and I do not blame her one bit. wonderful mespirit gijinka!!! the braids rock!!