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Search results

  1. Pixxyofice

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon simple. (a pokemon emerald monotype nuzcomic.)

    ahhh this is so warm and cute and i love the other trainer's design!! did i mention its warm? also that last panel's "ah" is such a mood
  2. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Breakin' The Lore: a Lorelocke of Fire Red (23/7/2021 - Cancelled. RIP Craptop)

    oh!!! oh this updated!! hello!! probably should've commented before— thank you for helping inspire me in my own run! I see Grimm is taking up the gaping hole where your starter was and smashing through enemies with water pulse. A good Clefable. I support him and his dreams.
  3. Pixxyofice

    Comic Unova Teen Mon Potted Plants - Pokemon Black Run

    dadsis is interesting! I wonder what type of story will be told here... Ah, N still is in a sad position, though. Oof. looking forward to more~
  4. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    [/SPOILER] Um. so. whoops. I'm trying to build up a backlog, and taking meticulous screenshots takes a lot of brainpower and makes progress slow for me, oops. (i started a wedlocke and am already at the fourth gym, for example....) However, I'm here to bring you an update and also to say 'i'm...
  5. Pixxyofice

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Applin Juice... Applin Juice!!! clever, love it. and, oh? do I see two people who may or may not become important later? hmmm!
  6. Pixxyofice

    Written Story Fan Teen Sunlit Memories - a PMD2-based Story

    Hello and welcome to Sunlit Memories, an idea I've had for a while now that I decided to just get started on writing out! Might as well have pokemon fans Consume the results, right? I may cross post these to ao3, but i'm unsure! What's the premise of this? Well... basically, there's a...
  7. Pixxyofice

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Surprise that Beheeyem with a Shadow Ball, Eevee!
  8. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    i am a tired working person. this totally is on time with my every two days schedule. Also i might need to build up.... more of a buffer. I will do so. soon. [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]
  9. Pixxyofice

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon After Armageddon: A Firered Nuzlocke

    Hello! Hello hello! I may be a new fan, but reading this Upgraded Version of things (and taking a look at the spoilers via other replies, but shhh) has been a fun experience! Now that I've read this, I want to continue knowing More on this, so oops not gonna read the unova run yet. Maybe eventually.
  10. Pixxyofice

    Comic Kanto General Sweet ReLEAF

    Oh, look! a reason to go to route 22! And also Silver being a slightly edgy teenage boy. I get it, I get it. I'm curious about what happened to his Totodile... but we'll discover that someday. right?
  11. Pixxyofice

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    got it! let's see, it looks like a houndoom and a... shiny zangoose? just hangin out and having a good time, they're smilin together! very good.
  12. Pixxyofice

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke.

    A gen 2 Lorelocke? Ooo, interesting! And the screenshot and storylocke mix is very nice to read! Our little Cini as a starter should make the lorelocke Interesting. I'll be looking forward to reading more!
  13. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    I work in the afternoon today, but i got this update written this morning! A note: the lorelocke rules got updated today! My gameplay here is from before said update. You'll know when said lorelocke rule update took effect for my run: you'll see Beet get Attract put on her in the future, don't...
  14. Pixxyofice

    Ruleset The Lorelocke - Version 1.35 is up, including all pokemon up to Gen 4, some rule fixes and additions, and new Gen 3 art!

    looking good! Now, as soon as my lorelocke thread catches up to where i've now played, these rules will update, hehe. (Ah, that plant of love learning attract makes a lot of sense.) While i was looking over the changes, I noticed a peculiar typo- the Shooting Star rule on the Staryu Line page...
  15. Pixxyofice

    Comic Unova General Mon Road Map Not Included: A White Nuzlocke

    that plasma guy was just rude :/ it's not just a couple of fossils, its HISTORY YOU— just binged through this comic, the artstyle is so cute, and i love your pokemon characters!
  16. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    Tried a new reply style. I hope y'all like it! Additionally, I may be putting a pause to daily uploads and push it to every two days. Maybe more delays, if I run out of screenshot buffers. Without further delay.... update. [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]
  17. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    Had another early morning at work. Am getting this update out so I can write something I've been thinking of, not Pokemon related. Hope y'all enjoy! [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]
  18. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    had a nice massage, had to organize my platinum run's notes, but now here we are with another update! [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]
  19. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    I was at work early this morning- this was the first chance i got to work on this update! Well... here it is! [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]
  20. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    Hello! Here is today's update! [/CENTER] [/SPOILER]