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Search results

  1. Bug

    Showcase The Drawing Board! WIPs, Promotional Shots, and More!

    Man, WIP Wednesday. I wasn't feeling it this week with art, I'll be real crew. So I stuck to mostly character design, a little bit of flats, and then personal art I'm hoping to render out.
  2. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Gijinka The Seventh Sign - A Blind Legends Arceus Gijinkalocke

    I can't play what it is, but I really like the energy on that right-most thumb
  3. Bug

    Comic Johto Teen Mon The Long Way II (A Soul Silver Nuzlocke)

    YESSSSSS HERACROSS. Oh I am so hype to see it trash Whitney's gym.
  4. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    out of all the things he could have done, this was easily the coolest and most badass option
  5. Bug

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Alloyed Chains: Flower

    I really love the cute little white tummy on the pichu. I'm a sucker for the split coloring.
  6. Bug

    Comic Johto Teen What The Water Gave Me - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke Comic

    Just some good, calm time with nature
  7. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh General Timewarp - A Shining Pearl Nuzlocke

    last last face just says 'you're right and i hate it'
  8. Bug

     Featurer Suggestion 2021 Extravaganza Reflective

    I was talking to some artists about something I think jives well with your ideas! An event that has multiple users swap mediums to recreate a scene from each other's run. This would inspire that collaboration aspect that makes these events fun. The only limitation I see with it, as it usually...
  9. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Gijinka The Seventh Sign - A Blind Legends Arceus Gijinkalocke

    this good boy can fit so much anxiety
  10. Bug

     Featurer Suggestion 2021 Extravaganza Reflective

    Do you feel that singling it down to something like 'Funniest Character' might work? We may not look at every run and think of 'funny' but I bet everyone can look at each run they read and think 'yes, that character, that one is funny' regardless of the overall tone.
  11. Bug

    Tribunal - Nuzlocke judges help me out

    Something about the phrasing on this sent me into a laughing fit. He can play the game however he wants.
  12. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Gijinka The Seventh Sign - A Blind Legends Arceus Gijinkalocke

    on one hand, oh god do you have to draw that cart over and over? on the other, oh man that looks sweet as hell
  13. Bug

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Mondays/Thursdays)

    Hook, line, and sinker LMAO
  14. Bug

    Art Comic Teen Goggles and Stickers

    That's one hell of a reputation. Can't wait to see how it was earned!
  15. Bug

     Gen IX Speculation Thread

    I mean, if it does go two-legged I'd be shocked to see how they pull it off. Inciniroar made sense with it's theme of a wrestler, so I can only imagine what they'd cook up to make this one bipedal.
  16. Bug

     Gen IX Speculation Thread

    CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT. The name Sprigatito is so god damn cute and clever. the gatito.....
  17. Bug

     Featurer Suggestion 2021 Extravaganza Reflective

    This is definitely more my field than feature team (since it involves the coding), so I will go ahead an reply directly! I really like the idea of a sidebar or widget. We've got the rotating banners, but I can agree that overall, the visibility leaves something to be desired and is probably in...
  18. Bug

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    my worry increases exponentially as the pages go on.
  19. Bug

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Alloyed Chains: Flower

    this made me want a malasade so badly. The powdered sugar looks so delicate....