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Search results

  1. pinkshellos

    Comic Hoenn INTERNSHIP: a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

    Aw, dang, not surprised that but that’s a really good way to handle it in-universe Momo looks sad tho!! Noooooo Momo!! :(
  2. pinkshellos

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Blank: A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Comic (QnA Update 3/20!)

    ooooo the outfit designs for both bunny suits are really cute! I especially like how you did Hikari’s hair for the Lopunny outfit + the boots too
  3. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Galar Written Log Teen Commentary A Wonderful Phone - A Sword Wonderlocke

    ooooOOO what wild wonder trades. Charming has one hell of a moveset and gigantamax Squirrel!! This is making me want to replay SWSH, dang.
  4. pinkshellos

    Comic Kalos Teen Mon Xtraordinary - An X Nuzlocke

    ooooOOO X run solidarity! Our protagonists are the exact same age too, small world This is a really interesting way to start off the story — Evelyn already has 3 pokemon, one of which is about to evolve, plus the ability to talk to them in some way and translate to human speech (I think…?) that...
  5. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Kalos Teen In Your Dreams! A Pokemon X DnDlocke!

    Bungo is competing with the starter Chespin from my run for the title of My Favorite Chespin and that's really saying something I'm just imagining him holding up a pretty oversized butterfly scale and looking super proud of himself and it's so sweet. I love crazy starters. Imogen better be...
  6. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Kalos Teen In Your Dreams! A Pokemon X DnDlocke!

    Oooooo, a new rogue, druid, and barbarian for the party… I’m excited to see how they fare! Arwen looks like a he’ll be your ace for Viola, and barbarian rules shouldn’t be a problem because for a first gym + bug type gym it should be a clean sweep! I’m curious, I haven’t gotten a chance to...
  7. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Galar Written Log Teen Commentary A Wonderful Phone - A Sword Wonderlocke

    Oooo, SWSH has a wide/varied enough pokedex as is already, so a wonderlocke has me excited for what your team is going to look like :0 sad that you have to chuck the rabbit into the void but, like, you’ll get something way cooler back. So. also if you saw me give that post 3 different reactions...
  8. pinkshellos

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Eclipsed - Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Lillie 🤝 Delilah Disapproving moms??? Oh NO… the girls are matching... In more ways than one? Ok but the matching pajamas are cute And Liz and Lydia being enthusiastic about helping out by taking watch 🥺 Lydia is hands down my favorite teammate every panel she’s in is adorable
  9. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Kalos Teen In Your Dreams! A Pokemon X DnDlocke!

    Bungo the paladin Chespin!!! I love him!! It seems like Imogen’s amulet allows her to talk to pokemon — I can’t wait to see what other mons she catches and what classes they are I’d also prefer the bottom layout for screenshots but it’s up to you!
  10. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Kalos Teen In Your Dreams! A Pokemon X DnDlocke!

    Oooooo I love the look of the dungeons and pokemon ruleset! I love dnd and can’t wait to see how this goes…
  11. pinkshellos

    Written Story Kalos Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Margaux: A Pokemon X Nuzlocke

    OOOOOOOOO boy I am excited for this run. Two chapters in and they’re both PACKED with lore and character. First of all, Kalos run solidarity (and specifically XY run that includes a Fennekin and Fletchling together on a team solidarity, small world)! I feel you on trying to speed through the...
  12. pinkshellos

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Hope Is Never Lost - A Gijinka Wedlocke of Pokemon X

    I second bhelryss, the short little POV from Rinka was cool! Even better than that is the sections from Koru's POV, I like how she gives us a different look at the world, being more carefree and curious than the other narrators (Dart and Phoenix) we've seen so far! I love how mischievous she is...
  13. pinkshellos

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Revive

    Guess who survived finals and is free to write again? It's me! I'm back and I am very excited to post this chapter! ♢ Chapter 4: A Battle (and an Unexpected Meeting) Vienna Shauna Calem Ram ♂ Froabble ♀ Twig ♀ Chili ♂ Sugar Cube ♀ Hugo ♂ [/spoiler]
  14. pinkshellos

    Written Story Kalos General Mon The Adventures of Fiona and Team Gale Wings. A PMD-Based X Storylocke

    Oooooo, the infamous Furfrou duo on that route- I’m glad you got past them without any casualties! The team/group evolution scene was great, I love the group dynamic :D Fiona and Primrose are getting stronger!!
  15. pinkshellos

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Eclipsed - Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Nebby knows what they’re doing. 200%. Remembering that the team is smaller now made me sad… I’m looking forward to seeing what Delilah’s next few catches will be tho!
  16. pinkshellos

    Showcase Pokemon Surge

    I am ecstatic about the lantern bug. I need one for my team. I’m also super intrigued by Ava! I love me a stuck-up rival character. The concept of the mc standing there looking at her blankly and refusing to move is really funny to me. A rock-type gym… I wonder if it’ll have rock mons with more...
  17. pinkshellos

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Eclipsed - Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    everyone be quiet my favorite zubat is about to talk I also wonder what Zossie and Dulse want with the totems, actually…
  18. pinkshellos

    Screenshot Kalos Written Log Mixed Media Teen Mon You Can Now Play As Luigi: An X/Y Soul Link Artlocke brought to you by Lucas and Eon (2021 Extravaganza Winner- Best MC in a Screenshot Run)

    I would like to echo Chromia Sell’s comment and say hell yeah Luigi time! Glad to see this run get an update! ah yes, the fully evolved early game bug. I haven’t used a Vivillon before but the other early game bugs I’ve used (Butterfree, Beautifly, Orbeetle) have been super solid teammates so I...
  19. pinkshellos

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Eclipsed - Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Zossie and Dulse are back!! I wonder what they’ll have to say about Nebby and Lillie… also will Delilah meet a new team member inside the cave?
  20. pinkshellos

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Hope Is Never Lost - A Gijinka Wedlocke of Pokemon X

    I am LOVING evil queen Diantha. New team members!!! I LOVE the idea of mystery eggs. XY has one of the most diverse/interesting regional pokedexes imo, especially early game compared to other gens, but the chance to get later game pokemon or Y version exclusives is super exciting. I can’t wait...