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Search results

  1. Velink

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Soul Brothers [COMPLETED; SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic]

    Gosh Darn last time I stopped just before all the deaths Maybe I should have waited longer... until Corey heals Until their hardened resolve bears fruit.. Really not sure if that Red Gyarados gonna join the team It may not be its fault, but the sentiment lingers But who knows, maybe Corey and...
  2. Velink

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    Hoo boy finally all caught up again! Holy crap the trials and tribulation that Syn went through Maybe she should have stay put in that locker afterall.. glad to see the familiar rocket face again but boo for what they do to Syn and the others... Just between you and me, I also plan to include...
  3. Velink

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon WLERA: When Little Emma Ran Away

    Wally!!! Since we saw Anabel earlier, I almost thought he was a faller.. but turns out he just walks there Cheryl? she ended up in that ghost mansion and never gone out
  4. Velink

    Comic Unova General Other Adventure Jet's Black Nuzlocke

    I want to say everything went better than expected except they are not holy crap so many casualties.. I am not even sure if you Krokorok is still alive Amazing work, Jet! the tension is as high as ever!! Cheren's samurott is so huge!
  5. Velink

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Penumbra: A Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

    Ayy Happy 2022! Finally I am up to date agaian, just in time for Krane to get out of teh pocket dimension Damn, I stand corrected,.. turns out Krane really know that Mohn lied and hasn't tried shit toget away from that pocket dimension Not sure how they enter that place and exit that place..but...
  6. Velink

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    Eyyy sponsorship get!! We know that it is very expensive to take part in the league challenge in Galar Probably they use the money to buy uniform and pay registration and other challenge based fee But how much tho?? Between going to school and going on a challenge I wonderwhich one is costlier
  7. Velink

    Comic Galar Teen Mon By the Sword - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Ayy finally I am up to date again! Your comic is a treat to the eyes and brain as always, Snakes What Shielbert says about wishing star production intrigues me though It sounds like it is man made item
  8. Velink

    Comic Fan Game Teen Other Adventure Mon First Summer: A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke

    So 5th gym is fighting type Shouldn't be too much of a hustle with your flying types that being said, Hariyamas are pretty tanky, I am not as brave as Sara to pit A butterfree against it
  9. Velink

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge - LeafGreen edition

    OMG a non hostile and actually helpful adult in this comic?? we don;t see those everyday they are like rare pokemon or something
  10. Velink

    Comic Hoenn General Mon THE NATEVENTURE - A (funny) Pokémon Emerald nuzlocke comic

    Man, I thought it would be that one Birch assistant down that hole but it turns out to be a local pirate...
  11. Velink

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    Good thing tour time is over otherwise the kids are going to start asking about Indian Elephant
  12. Velink

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Outbreak! Soul Ties

    Woah that is a rather realistic vivid dream she clearly see Mars' face this can't be just a regular dream! good luck on the run and god speed on the comic
  13. Velink

    Comic Alola Teen Other Adventure Golden Sun

    Ayy finally up to date again and good time just before Ash gonna experience his first captain battle! Gotta give Moana the chance to use that move she has been training, right?
  14. Velink

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    And finally up to date again lately my reading routines can be described like your description of Type Null's mask a packed metal burger. Welp, good thing Kai managed to withdraw Furucca in time, huh throwing pokeball at one's opponent pokemon... does it deal extra damage? it does make them...
  15. Velink

    Comic Hoenn INTERNSHIP: a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

    Momo and her team are very cute! I wonder what happened on her last internship.. this comic of yours is looking good so far! good luck on the run and god speed on the comic!
  16. Velink

    Comic Kalos General Mon Lakour's X Nuzlocke

    Finally caught up and... frick, death What happened in game tho? I did not expect magneton to kill your Toxicroak Damn I need some refresher of who are in your team While you are at it, pLease remind me why is Dirtland boxed too?
  17. Velink

    Comic Johto Mature Gijinka Pokemon Gijinka Nuzlocke Challenge: UPDATE 1/20/2022

    Ayy Some updates from EarlGrey! Future Diego is looking Badass AF! not sure what happened to him that causes him to end up as a buff dealer and not the champion. Is this encounter an AU or is it canon to the main series? Also has it ever been mentioned what number the current Diego of PGNC?
  18. Velink

    Comic Johto Teen Mon The Long Way II (A Soul Silver Nuzlocke)

    been a while! Not only you have finished the previous comic, but you already started a new one and gained 2 badges too! some speed you have here! I will need to catch up on a few dozen of pages from the first comic, but hopefully I will be up to speed soon ----- I am looking forward for the...
  19. Velink

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Shiro's Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn

    Oh thank god Shiro sruvived with just some burn mark I was afraid that the magma will burn her to cinder and turn her into Darth Vader. That is how Atlantis got the black eye? Mewtwo did not even target its eye. Pokemon sing the hot bath is not common huh?
  20. Velink

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    "Fantastic, then law once again does once again what it does best" I really love this quote for some reason lol The aftermath of Mirror B fight is not quite satisfying yet with so may casualties and with drained Yume staying behind the bar.. not to mention the pokemon that are blamed and about...