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Page 59 - Friendly Fight

Don't you love it when the game's stuck in a softlock because your pokemon walked off?
Author's Notes:
*Gasp! Imaginary police tape?! It's unbreakable for anyone under 13!

*When I saw Hop standing here I thought it meant a rival fight was coming up, so I trained everyone up. It turns out he just wanted to talk, so this Gloria rival fight shows you how it felt.

*In the pokemon world, people would freak out if you said one of your pokemon died. Pokemon dying in battle is extremely rare, to the point that you have to be extremely risky and reckless for someone to die(or run into an evil team, and there's none in galar). Even if Sundae's still alive, Corrin causally bringing up that he died is not going to go down well with most people.

*When two friends are fighting, and not rivals, I don't see them going that hard on eachother. And when your dealing with anarchists, good luck telling them they have to faint their friend to get exp.

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