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Page 57 - Card Wars!!! also research I guess...

So do you want to read my 20,000 word fan fic on how I saved the day with Zacian?
Author's notes:
*Here we've got the mandatory event of Sonia remarking on someone's cool law mowing. During my first play through of Sword I had no problem with the cut scenes. On my second play through they got really annoying when I tried to skip past them to play the game. I already know this story, I don't need to see it again. One of the worst offenders had to be when I was praised in a battle after someone died. I still have a screenshot of it saved on my switch. This page shows how much I care about retelling Sword's story. Now do you have any 5s?

*When even the one person who offered to listen to you agrees that the plot dump is boring. Sonia, you'll have to try harder than that if you want to be a side character.

*Half the team is illiterate. There isn't exactly good education out there in the wild. So naturally confusion between things such as 1 and 7 even when symbol matching doesn't really require reading will occur.

*While I deconstructed some characters in Sword, other characters have been taken to their extreme. Since Sonia is not that important to the story, I decided to exaggerate her traits. She wants to be a well known pokemon professor, and she'll go to any means to get it. Getting pretty far in the gym challenge with only a few pokemon made them a crazy high level, allowing her to get all the funds she needs from trainers that pass by, while she gets to tell them their research.

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